Farmyard Manure / Mushroom Compost Blend

Farmyard Manure / Mushroom Compost Blend
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A mixture of well rotted straw based cattle manure, chicken manure and mushroom compost. Rotted for up to 5 years and bagged under cover to produce a high quality, versatile, friable, easy to use soil conditioner. Suitable for most non ericaceous Tree and shrub planting schemes, vegetable gardens and Rose beds.

A firm favourite with landscape contractors and allotment growers.

  • Cow Manure
  • Mushroom Compost
  • Horse Manure (Shavings based)

  • Encourages strong root development
  • Improves soil structure
  • Aids water retention
This can be used as
  • Tree and shrub planting compost when mixed with onsite/imported soil.
  • For established herbaceous borders
  • Perfect for Rose beds
  • Ideal for vegetables especially Brassicas - (NOT suitable for carrots)
Mushroom Compost Information:

This product is also available in loose bulk loads, for more information please call us on 01994 231121



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    • Additional surcharges apply for the far North and South West of England, London, Wales and Scotland.
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pH Level 7.5
% Ash 33:6%
% Organic Matter 334:6%
total Nitrogen (N) 2:00
total Phosphate (P 0) 0:5
total Potash (K 0) 0

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