Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost
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40 x 75L Bags Spent Mushroom Compost

A special blend of composted agricultural straw and animal manure that has been used to grow mushrooms for the retail market. Once the Mushroom farm has grown its crop with the compost it is then steam sterilised to ensure that the product is free from mushroom spores and weeds.

Mushroom compost is a quality, economical soil conditioner. It improves the texture of heavy clay soils and adds humus to thin sandy soils.

Mushroom compost is excellent on the vegetable garden (Brasicas do especially well). Mushroom compost is not recommended for growing fruit, and should be avoided in ericaceous beds, borders and planting schemes.    


  • Quality, economical general purpose, soil conditioner
  • Water retention



  • Mushroom compost breaks up heavy clay soils and also adds humus to thin sandy soils.
    (It is not recommended for chalky soils)
  • Excellent for vegetable gardens.
    (Brassicas are heavy feeders and like well drained soil rich in organic matter, pH 6.5 to 7.00 is best).
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for growing fruit and should be avoided in ericaceous beds, borders and planting schemes.



Please Note: Mushroom Compost is a natural product, and it's appearance and consistency may vary depending how fresh the compost is. When mushroom compost is fresh from the farm it is lighter in colour with a more straw like consistency which will darken and decompose fairly rapidly.

If you have a personal preference for your mushroom compost's freshness, please leave a note at checkout and CPA Horticulture will do our very best to accommodate your request.

pH Level 6.5-7
% Organic Matter 66%
Ammonia - N 126 Mg/l (Fresh) / 0.26%
Magnesium 204 Mg/l (Fresh) / 0.4%
Nitrate - N 41 Mg/l (Fresh) / 0.08%
Phosphorus 1480 Mg/l (Fresh) / 0.6%
Potassium 1480 Mg/l (Fresh) / 3.1%
total Nitrogen (N) 2.4%

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